Adult Education

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Adult Education

We offer educational opportunities for adults whether you want to improve your mechanical skills, learn to ride a bike for the first time, or improve your street riding skills.

What classes does MOVE offer? 

MOVE offers educational programs for every age and every skill level. Whether you want to fix a flat tire or repair your drive train, learn how to ride or become an advanced rider, we have classes for you. 

  • Bicycle Maintenance. Learn how to keep your bicycle in safe riding condition. 
  • Basic Bicycle Mechanics. Learn core bicycle mechanic skills such as changing tubes and tires, dialing bicycle fitment, replacing cables and housings, and adjusting derailleurs for smoother shifting. 
  • Advanced Bicycle Mechanics. Learn advanced mechanic skills and understand how each component group of the bicycle is maintained. Skills include learning how to true wheels, service bottom brackets and build bikes from the frame up. 
  • Learning to Ride. Learn how to ride a bicycle for the first time in small groups practicing away from traffic. Classes cover starting and stopping, shifting gears, and avoiding hazards.
  • Riding Confidently on City Streets. Learn how to ride comfortably on city streets. Classes cover your rights, traffic laws, crash avoidance, and lane positioning.
  • E-bike Skills and Safety. Learn E-bike handling, understand your rights and responsibilities as a driver operating a bicycle, and review safety tips and laws for riding on public roadways. 
  • Leading Group Rides. Learn how to lead children on rides to school or adults for special events.

When are classes offered? 

Classes are offered throughout the year and are available for free for groups (4-12 participants dependent on the class type). If your friends, neighbors, organization, or company are interested in a class, please contact our Senior Manager of Education and Encouragement.