Our Mission

To promote walking, bicycling and public transit county-wide to create healthy, sustainable, and equitable communities.

Our Vision

We envision Santa Barbara County as a vibrant, connected network of communities where sustainable transportation is safe, accessible, and efficient for all. We dream of a future where people can choose from multiple modes of transportation to arrive at their destination with enjoyment and ease.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to advocate for equitable county-wide infrastructure for walking, cycling, and public transit, and to empower and educate residents to choose active and sustainable forms of transportation.

The Board

The MOVE board is a group of dedicated volunteers who help steer our organization and advance our mission and goals of a transportation future where biking, walking and transit are safe and accessible for all who live in Santa Barbara County. Board members donate their time and resources to steward our organization and we’re always looking for people who want to bring their energy and talent. Take a look below at our current board and click here to share your interest in applying to join the MOVE board.

Our Staff

Our staff are a group of passionate and exemplary professionals dedicated to advancing our mission in our communities. From our education programs to our community bike shops, MOVE staff are hard at work building the grassroots foundations of active and sustainable transportation in Santa Barbara County. Meet our amazing staff below or click here if you want to join our team.