TBD (Cycling Without Age)

TBD (Cycling Without Age)

Older adults and the differently-abled deserve the chance to enjoy the fresh air and their community through the power of a bicycle even if they are unable to ride themselves. Cycling Without Age unlocks memories, stories, and pure, unbridled joy as only a bicycle ride can.

What is Cycling without Age? 

Cycling Without Age is a program to bring the joy of cycling to older adults and the differently-abled who may not be able to operate a bicycle themselves. We aim to meet people where they are – and provide everyone the opportunity to feel the freedom of pedal powered transportation.

How does the program work? 

Cycling Without Age operates nine trishaws (an electric tricycle with a front bench where passengers sit) through senior residential centers in Santa Barbara with two able to accommodate wheelchairs. Volunteer “pilots” are paired with a trishaw and one or two participants for a pre-scheduled ride to the store, farmer’s market, or a ride of their choosing. 

How can an older adult or differently-abled person participate? 

How can I get involved?

Volunteers are always needed to support the program, communicate the program benefits, provide funding and most especially, to become trishaw pilots. Potential pilots are trained through a multi-step process including riding alongside a trishaw on their own bicycle; participating in an in-depth training; piloting a trishaw without passengers; piloting a trishaw with a family member or friend; piloting a trishaw with an experienced pilot alongside on bicycle; and finally becoming a regularly scheduled Cycling Without Age pilot with a desired weekly or monthly commitment.